Power-Strut® Defender


Power-Strut® is proud to introduce a new, corrosion-resistant product line called Power-Strut® Defender. Power-Strut® Defender is designed for harsh environments, providing a service life between Hot-Dip Galvanized and stainless steel systems.

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Why Use Unistrut Defender?

Performance: 3X the performance of Hot-Dip Galvanized (HG)*

Labor Cost Savings: Cut ends don’t require touch-up

Material Cost Savings: Avoids costly stainless steel hardware

Maintenance Cost Savings: Longer service life delays the need for replacement

Appearance: Maintains rust-free appearance longer than HDG

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Process: Waste is reduced through re-manufacturing, reuse and recycling.

*Based on average ASTM B117 salt

Is stainless steel your best choice for outdoor applications? Consider Power-Strut® Defender and view our Outdoor Application flyer to learn more!

Unistrut Defender Catalog Cover

View the Product Catalog

View our Power-Strut® Defender product catalog. Download the PDF or view the digital flipbook.

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Anticipated Service Life

With over 3 times the corrosion protection, the anticipated service life for Power-Strut® Defender vastly outperforms traditional carbon steel framing systems. Power-Strut Defender will meet the design life of most new applications, eliminating the need to replace parts over time. See the difference below!

Salt Spray Preformance Chart

Power-Strut® Defender delivers 3X the performance of competitive solutions

*Based on manufacturer published materials.

Unique Self-Healing Properties

If the product is cut or scratched in the field, the finish will propagate into those areas eliminating the need for secondary touch-ups. This gives a sense of confidence that the material will provide lasting defense against corrosion in the field.


Note: To achieve full performance and cost benefits, Power-Strut Defender must be used as a complete metal framing system. In addition, Power-Strut Defender should not be put in contact with stainless steel materials due to a dissimilar metals condition that will create galvanic corrosion.

*Duration of healing can vary depending on weather, location, type and size of application.