Sleeper Support

Part Number: RSS4

The Unipier rooftop sleeper is the first rooftop support that is white to reflect the sun's UV rays. It is cost-effective, lightweight and can be cut to the desired length while on the job site.

The Unipier sleeper support is lightweight, just 4 lbs./4 ft. section. And, it is conveniently packaged in shrink wrap bundles of 9 - 4 ft. supports that can be easily carried to the rooftop.

NOTE: Load not to exceed 50 lbs./6" length


The Unipier sleeper support can be conveniently cut to lengths of 6" or longer right on the job site.


TEK screws or other self tapping fasteners are used to attach conduit supports, pipe clamps or other clamping fittings.


You can even use the Unipier support for multiple tasks. Here we have a grating walk and a piece of electrical conduit attached to the sleeper.


The Sleeper Support is not restricted to just pipe clamps. It makes a perfect companion for the Roofwalk panels.

[1] Position the grating on the Unipier sleeper support and insert the appropriate size hold down clip (G639, G607, or G620).


[2] Use a TEK screw to attach the hold down clip.

That's all that is required!


Grating can also be used to construct a platform for heavy equipment or even as a workstand.